SADAFCO and Saudia invite you to visit #My_Saudia_Kitchen to embark on a culinary journey that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to Plan, Cook and Impress. We will guide you through meal pre-planning and grocery shopping while a professional chef will take you, step-by-step, through the food preparation using many of the Saudia products. And to top it off, there will be a corner for you to get tips on table etiquette and decoration. Once you leave with your newly acquired knowledge, you will be given a voucher for a free product to start you on your way to your first Plan Cook Impress meal. And you will be told how to use your new skills to participate in a competition offering big prizes.

In addition, there will be a special corner teach you how to arrange your trip and put your touch for them. Your effectiveness will give you the opportunity Ante and your family to spend a lovely time between the Chiefs cost you and your husband and your children will end your tour to get a coupon you get through it on a free product and also Sttarafan on how to participate in the competition, which Stjulk for valuable prizes for your kitchen.


The objective of the Planning section is educating the consumers on how to plan and to manage their time and their resource in the most efficient manner.

We will give them tips how to plan their weekly meal schedule and weekly grocery list. With these tips they save not only time but money as well. With proper planning they would buy only the essentials.

We will also give tips on how to manage their time in the Kitchen. How to plan and prepare before starting any cooking. This way they will finish their cooking in short period of time and they will have more time to spend with their family.

We also create awareness for the entire range of SADAFCO products as most consumers are not aware of the entire range.

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We will showcase different cooked foods, all of the recipes will have different SADAFCO products as the key ingredients.

The menu will include main entrée, side dish, snacks, deserts etc. Therefore, we can show the consumers the wider of SADAFCO products and its usage. We will select the recipes based on the popularity of the dish based on different regions.

The Chef will give brief introduction of the recipes and how it is prepared. We will strongly emphasis to the consumer what SADAFCO product was used to cook that particular recipe. The Chef will encourage the consumers to use SADAFCO products in their everyday cooking and to create awareness for the range of SADAFCO products.

The Chef will answer any queries the consumers might have.

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The objective of this section is to give tips to housewives how to impress & improvise the art of food presentation and table set up.

The simple tips will the housewives how to present their mundane food in a more presentable exciting way to their family and guest.

We will also provide tips and show physically to the housewives the etiquette of table setting etc. on how to set up their dinner table and cutleries in a different style so that they can variations every day, which will make the dinner experience more exciting and will be able to impress their family members and guest.

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Activities Schedule


Dhahran Mall 17 19 Nov 2016


Asir Mall 9-10 Feb 2017


Al Nakheel 9-10 Dec 2016


Riyadh Gallary 15 17 Dec 2016


Tabuk Mall 23-24 Dec 2016


Jouri Mall 26-27 Jan 2017


Red Sea Mall 23-24-25 Feb 2017


Mecca Mall 13-14 Jan 2017


Al Noor Mall 16-17 Feb 2017


Al-Salaam Mall 26 28 Jan 2017