Food Handling Tips

As a food handler, you should always follow basic hygiene methods to keep your family safe from food poisoning. We will keep offering you tips on food handling to live a healthy and joyful life.

1. Keep your kids lunch box insulated by an ice pack cube. Milk, juices and other food items that are originally kept refrigerated like cheese, mayonnaise, lasagna, fruits… may be damaged by high heat. The lunch box should be washed after every use.

2. The sink should always be sanitized and cleaned for it carries lots of bacteria and germs. Do not wash vegetables and fruits directly in the sink. Make sure to put them in a colander and rinse.

3. Keep your refrigerator, working surface and cutlery utensils clean and dry. Water serves as a perfect medium for bacterial growth even a drop of water can be a home for billions of microorganisms.

4. Dish washing Sponges and damp kitchen towels should be changed more often to avoid bacterial growth. Hand towels should be changed daily, sponges should be changed once every month.

5. Cross contamination should be avoided by separating raw food from ready to eat foods. Vegetables and fruits should not be cut on the same cutting board that you use to cut meat and poultry .Always use separate cutting boards.

6. Raw beef , poultry and fish should always be sealed when refrigerated/ frozen and must always be stored at the bottom shelf of fridge/freezer to avoid dripping on other food items causing contamination.