Kids Gatherings


We all love it. We all look forward for it. What else is better than meeting friends and families. Here's some tips on how to have a unique and special gathering :

1. Themed parties for kids: where all kids are asked to come dressed up with the selected theme. Some dress-up ideas can be (pirates, princesses, Hawaiian)

2. Provide funky hair styling ,temporary hair color spray, kids safe makeup, temporary body stickers(optional), face painting. All products used on kids skin should be labeled as suitable for children and must be safe skin safe.

3. Distribute crowns & jewels or simply accessories to match the costume idea the kids are wearing. This can serve also as a perfect souvenir that kids can take it with them at the end of the party.

4. Fun team: arrange with a fun team (story tellers, characters, event organizers) an activity program to keep kids busy such as picture colouring, beading bracelets, puppet shows and storytelling.