Saudia Ice Cream - Out of Home 5 Liter

Saudia has a strong ice cream legacy, a result of consistently delivering supreme quality and taste for more than 30 years. It is for good reason that Saudia Ice Cream is the Saudi market leader.

Across KSA, Bahrain and Qatar, Saudia Ice Cream has become a favorite among children and adults. And SADAFCO spreads this appeal by catering to ice cream boutiques and corporate hospitality channels by offering Saudia Ice Cream in 13 flavors in 5-liter packs. These flavors include Vanilla, Vanilla Lite, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate Chip, Caramelita, Vanilla with Caramel Ripple, Vanilla with Blackberry Ripple, Cookies & Cream, Black and White, Macadamia Dulce de Leche and Blackberry.

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Available in 13 flavors in 5-liter packs.